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Our success is based on the know-how and loyalty of our managers. Combined with perfection in manufacturing our vehicles, PhoeniX sets high quality standards for daily production and the end product, the finished mobile home.

When we talk about handwork, of course we also talk about mental work.

Our unique buildup concept is the ideal combination that we daily practice in your favour on our company-owned factory premisses in Aschbach. This includes the selection of highest material quality as well as best working and full professionalism in the installations. Our experienced PhoeniX-team cares for a smooth flow and in the end we can open you the door for getting into your personal dream caravan.

Before that there are of course different quality tests, which meet our own high demands and the demands of our customers. This is documented by our 10 years-density-guarantee for example. And this is only one of many good reasons for our qualified partners Europe-wide to sell our PhoeniX-caravans successfully.


MAN product audit

download MAN certificate (PDF)

We are the first caravan manufacturer audited by MAN.

The chassis modifications are made by MAN with original MAN parts. The MAN department quality control buildup manufacturer (dept. VSSK) has performed a product audit on MAN caravans of Schell Fahrzeugbau and has acknowledged us as exclusive manufacturer of caravans that the required works on the vehicles are made according to the valid MAN buildup guidelines and MAN standards.



PhoeniX will remain true to its claim of producing first-class caravans and offering a high-class service. PhoeniX looks ahead extremely optimistic with an excellent utilization because of the high demand on the new models.


The new PhoeniX Midi-class premieres on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.
It now covers the range of 4,5 t - 5,3 t and is available on Mercedes, Fiat and Iveco Daily.
For this occasion, PhoeniX arranges a great Preview-Day for the PhoeniX customers on the Caravan Salon professional visitors day.

The new Premium-Liner premieres on the CMT 2012.



The new models are equipped with the sophisticated furniture line classXharmonie At once, the new new interior-design stylXelegance premieres on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. 

The new TOP-Liner, the flagship of the PhoeniX integrated vehicles, debuts on the CMT in Stuttgart. With a completely newly developed design, a milestone for the future is set.

The new Liner family is completed by the MaXi-Liner, which shows the new PhoeniX brand image according to the motto: PhoeniX - a smile integrates. The MaXi-Liner is built on the new caravan-platform of the Iveco Daily. The MaXi-Liner premieres on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.



The first liner with rear round suite, large kitchen, spacious bathroom and an electrical length cabover bed above the driver's/passenger's seat with less than 8 m outside length premieres on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.

In May, PhoeniX celebrates a big festival on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Schell Fahrzeugbau at the company location in Aschbach. Together with customers, suppliers and friends we are celebrating for 4 days. At once, the prototyp of a liner on the Iveco Daily platform with an optimised living space and extensive innovations in the furniture design is presented to the audience.

PhoeniX presents the special edition Iveco Daily Alcove 7200 RSL as thank-you for 10 successful years on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. It sells like hot cakes with an amazing configuration and an excellent value for money.



The Iveco Daily Liner advances and gets a considerably better usable living space by lifting the driver's cab up to the height of the living space. This even, stepless and heated living space floor comes along with a discreet facelift of the exterior.

21.09.2006: PhoeniX provides the 1000th PhoeniX caravan.

On the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, PhoeniX introduces the Alcove with a new rear mask and the MAN TGL.



Introduction of the new Iveco Daily Liner on the CMT Stuttgart

In February, the 350th PhoeniX caravan is already handed over to its proud owners. This is the proof that caravan friends appreciate what Schell Fahrzeugbau has made to its motto: nothing but the best for our customers!



Buying a neighbouring estate and building new stockrooms are the pleasing consequences from the results of the first years. Another new highlight is presented: the newly developed integrated vehicle on Vario 815 D.

After only one year, 156 PhoeniX caravans can already be delivered. Furthermore the product range is getting "more weighty" and is expanded by the class "6,5 to 8,6 t".



In July production starts in the new built factory in Aschbach. 25 employees, 2000 qm production hall and the aim of yearly 90 vehicles form the start framework.

With Schell Fahrzeugbau KG, a new name is established in the caravan sector: PhoeniX Reisemobile. The up to this day independent family enterprise is based on the big experience of the founder team. Master joiner Johannes Schell has more than 22 years experience in developing and constructing caravans, his son Oliver, master joiner and business economist has already more than 5 years experience.